RDE Connects

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Sheet 3: A-B-03

Mounting - Crimping - Data - Assembly - Accessories
Connector Inserts for the series
RC, RF-solder, TU, UC, SSR, SSU B-A-01 to B-A-29
Connector Inserts for the series
HC, ST, RF B-A-40 to B-A-62
Crimp Tools B-B-01 to B-B-15
Crimp Contacts B-C-01 to B-C-61
Assembly Instructions B-D-01 to B-D-36
Mounting Tools B-E-01 to B-E-03
Derating curves B-F-01 to B-F-03
Layouts (Pin Configurations) B-G-01 to B-G-04
Caps and Accessories B-H-01 to B-H-15
Shielding Material
for Connectors B-J-01 to B-J-03
Series RC and SSR