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Sheet 14: B-A-29

Interchangeable Connector Inserts
usable for Cable/Panel Connectors (PCB panel only)
19 positions female, counter clockwise with PE
Contact diameter 16 x 1.0 mm, 3 x 1.5 mm
Solder connections up to AWG17
Crimp connections up toAWG17
Screw connections N/A
Coding possibilities only "N" coding
Nominal current (25°C) 8/10A
Nominal voltage 150 Volt View to outside (connecting side)
solder PCB crimp Here are the 7 digits to integrate into
cups pins w/o contacts your connector part number.
Solder cups Coding "N" "N" code is standard 1 R S 1 N 1 2
Crimp insert Coding "N" contacts see page B-C-09 1 R S 1 N R A
PCB contacts Coding "N" "N" code is standard 1 R S 1 N P 2
Free solder pin length for PCB contacts used with the following panel connectors…..
1RS1NP2 Dip solder pin Ø 16 x 0.8 + 3 x 1.5 mm
10.0 mm RC style 2
10.0 mm RC style 4/5
9.0 mm TU style 4/5
10.0 mm RC style W
9.0 mm TU style WB
3.5 mm RC style H/E
6.0 mm RC style 60
2.0 mm RC style 6R