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Sheet 5: E-B-34

M12 (A Code) connectors series GAC
Bulkhead Connectors male (Mating connectors see pages E-B-20-26, E-C-09-16)
Figure Dimensions Description Pos. Part Number
Panel mount connector
made of brass/nickel
solder version
front mount with
mounting thread
male, IP 68
Mounting thread PG 9 4 male GACK9-CDC1-G704
Mounting thread M16x1.5 4 male GACK9-CDC1-E784
Mounting thread PG 9 5 male GACK9-CDD1-G705
Mounting thread M16x1.5 5 male GACK9-CDD1-E785
Panel mount connector
made of brass/nickel
dip solder version
front mount with 4 male GFCK9-CDC1-H804
mounting thread, PG 9 5 male GACK9-CDD1-H805
male, IP 68 8 male GACK9-CDH1-H808
Panel mount connector 4 male GACI9-CDC1-U004
made of brass/nickel 5 male GACI9-CDD1-U005
dip solder version 8 male GACI9-CDH1-T008
rear mount with hex nut with shielding sheet
from the front 4 male GACI9-CDC1-D584
pcb mounting, straight 5 male GACI9-CDD1-D585
male, IP 68
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