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Sheet 2: E-B-61

M12 (A Code) connectors series GAC
Accessories for all connectors series GAC, GFC, GAE, GFF, HBE and HAE
Figure Dimensions Description Part Number
Protection Cap for
female connectors
IP 67 GFCK8-BFG9-K000
Hexagon Nuts for
mounting threads
A=18mm B=PG9 GH-780.0900.0
A=21mm B=PG11 GH-780.1100.0
A=23mm B=PG13.5 GH-780.1300.0
A=19mm B=M16x1.5 GH-785.1600.0
A=24mm B=M20x1.5 GH-785.2000.0
Shielding sheets for sockets
fastened from the back side
with the hex nut
also known as soldering eyes
for PG 9 GACK4-KGC4-A24
for M16x1.5 GACK4-KGC5-A24
PC-Board with yellow LED
for cable connectors
screw termiantion GACK8-KDG2-K000
connecting wires are
red and blue
PC-Board with two LED's
green and yellow
for cable conenctors GACK8-KDF2-K000
screw termination
connecting wires are
brown, blue, black