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Sheet 8: G-E-14

CC-Schleppflex® Feedback PUR-C-181-UL
with filler if necessary Superflex shielded halogen-free
Applications: Pairs Single wires Single wires Shld. single wires O.D. iches O.D. mm
Power supply chains 15 x AWG 26 4 x AWG 20 0.35 8.8
Permanent moving devices gray white
Sensor technology pink brown
Control devices blue green
Abrasion resistant red yellow
Whenever elecrical interference black
distorts signal transmission. violet
Specifications: gray/pink
According to VDE 0245/0281/0812 red/blue
UL style 10042/20233/10263/20234 white/green
CSA AWM I A/B, II A/B FT 1 brown/green
Construction: white/yellow
Conductors: yellow/brown
Fine bare copper strands acc. white/gray
to VDE 0295, class 6, with gray/brown
TPE insulation white/pink
Color code: Part number: 181-1501-405-10
special, see text Pairs Shld. pairs Single wires Shld. single wires O.D. iches O.D. mm
Stranding: 12 x AWG 24 0.49 12.5
cores twisted in pairs, pairs brown-black
twisted in layers, special core red-orange
wrapping, fleece, plus common yellow-green
braided shield blue-violet
Jacket: gray-white
PUR jacket DESINA green white/black-white/brown
flame retardant and self- white/red-white/orange
extinguishing, resistant against white/yellow-white/green
minaral oils, hydrolysis and white/blue-white/violet
mechanical stress white/gray-brown/black
Technical Data: brown/red-brown/orange
Rated voltage: brown/yellow-brown/green
300 Volt Part number: 181-1220-2510
Test voltage:
2,000 Volt
Bending radius:
fixed: 7.5 x diameter
flexible app.: 10 x diameter
Temperature range:
fixed: -22°F to 176°F
flex.: -22°F to 176°F