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Sheet 2: G-G-03

with filler if necessary Normflex shielded
Applications: Pairs with 0.22 mm² (25AWG)
Fieldbus Systems Part Numbers no. of pairs O.D. inches O.D. mm Fieldbus
Cooling liquid and oil resistant 93-022-016 1 pair 0.21 5.3 Profibus®
Specifications: 93-022-026 2 pairs 0.21 5.3 SUCOnet®
According to VDE 0482 Modulink P®
cUL style 2464,2919,2571,20963 VariNet P®
Construction: up to 500 kBaud
Conductors: CAN Bus®
93-022... up to 1 MBaud
7 bare copper strands with
PP insulation, color code DIN 47100, 93-022-036 3 pairs 0.30 7.5 Interbus®
cores twisted in pairs, pairs Sensor/Actor-Bus
twisted in layers, foil wrapping, BITBUS
93-064... DIN-Mess-Bus
Bare solid copper wire with
PE insulation, core colors red and Pairs with 0.64 mm Ø (solid wire)
green, twisted in pairs, aluminum Part Numbers no. of pairs O.D. inches O.D. mm Fieldbus
foil wrapping 93-064-0161 1 pair 0.30 7.6 Profibus DP
Jacket: SINEC® L2
PVC jacket violet, flame retardant SIMATIC NET F.I.P.
and self-extinguishing. up to 12 MBaud
Loop resistant:
93-022... max. 120Ω/km
93-064... max. 110Ω/km
Capacity at 800 Hz:
93-022... core/core max. 60nF/km
93-064... core/core max. 30nF/km
93-022... 100-120 Ohm
93-064... 150 Ohm
Technical Data:
Rated voltage:
300 Volt, not for power
Test voltage:
1,000 Volt
Bending radius:
fixed: 10 x diameter
flexible app.: 15 x diameter
Temperature range:
fixed: -40°F to 176°F
flex.: 23°F to 158°F