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Sheet 3: H-C-03

Cordsets with Coninvers Connectors M 23
19 position unshielded - PUR - black - 20/17 AWG assembled/molded
Wiring Diagram 1 : 1 Cordsets with Control Cable
Pin 01 purple Pin 11 black assembled with RDE Robotic cable PUR black
Pin 02 red Pin 12 green/yellow(17) superflex, oil resistant, continuous flex,
Pin 03 gray Pin 13 yellow/brown abrasion resistant, robust
Pin 04 red/blue Pin 14 brown/green Cable P/N RDE-RPC-3/16
Pin 05 green Pin 15 white Cable construction: 16 wires 0.5 mm² (20AWG)
Pin 06 blue (17AWG) Pin 16 yellow 3 wires 1.0 mm² (17AWG)
Pin 07 gray/pink Pin 17 pink Cable dia.: 11.5 mm Ø (0.46 inches) male
Pin 08 white/green Pin 18 gray/brown
Pin 09 white/yellow Pin 19 brown (17AWG) Cables with assembled connectors AR-...
Pin 10 white/gray
Cables with molded connectors MR-...
Part Number (xxxx = length of cable) female
male female AR(MR)-19M1-19F1-001-xxxx The four xxxx at the
male male AR(MR)-19M1-19M1-001-xxxx end of the part number
female female AR(MR)-19F1-19F1-001-xxxx defines the length of
male AR(MR)-19M1-0000-001-xxxx your cable. You can
female AR(MR)-19F1-0000-001-xxxx choose to order the
male female AR(MR)-19M1-19F7-001-xxxx length in meters or
female male AR(MR)-19F1-19M7-001-xxxx in feet.
male male AR(MR)-19M1-19M7-001-xxxx F.e.
female female AR(MR)-19F1-19F7-001-xxxx 005 F = 5 feet long
male AR(MR)-19M7-0000-001-xxxx 005M = 5 meters long
female AR(MR)-19F7-0000-001-xxxx
male female AR(MR)-19MZ-19F1-001-xxxx
female male AR(MR)-19FZ-19M1-001-xxxx
male male AR(MR)-19MZ-19M1-001-xxxx
female female AR(MR)-19FZ-19F1-001-xxxx
male AR(MR)-19MZ-19F7-001-xxxx
female AR(MR)-19FZ-19M7-001-xxxx
male AR(MR)-19MZ-19M7-001-xxxx
female AR(MR)-19FZ-19F7-001-xxxx
male AR(MR)-19MZ-19FZ-001-xxxx
male AR(MR)-19MZ-19MZ-001-xxxx
female AR(MR)-19FZ-19FZ-001-xxxx
male AR(MR)-19MZ-0000-001-xxxx
female AR(MR)-19FZ-0000-001-xxxx