RDE Connects

rde Connectors & Cables Inc.
5277 NW 108 Ave. Sunrise, FL 33351

Sheet 4: K-Z-91

Terms and Conditions of Sale
All orders are shipped C.O.D. or via credit card payment, unless an open account has been established
previously. Open account terms are 30 days net from the date of the invoice. Should a collection fee be
incurred due to delayed payments, it will be applied to the account. Other penalty charges may apply. All
products purchased from rde Connectors & Cables, Inc., remain the property of rde until all outstanding
invoices have been paid in full.
Minimum Orders
There is no minimum order requirement. Orders under $100 may be paid by credit card only. Orders under
$100.00 are subject to a $25.00 handling charge, unless other arrangements are made. A minimum order
amount of $250.00 is required for orders outside of the USA.
Unless otherwise specified, all orders will be shipped via UPS Ground. All goods are shipped FOB
Sunrise, Florida. We insure each UPS shipment. Insurance will only be excluded if we have a written
statement of the customer to pay the full amount of the invoice if the shipment gets lost. The title does not
pass to the customer until the goods are fully paid to rde Connectors & Cables, Inc.
Unless otherwise instructed, any items that are out of stock will be placed on backorder. The customer
is instructed not to reorder this item as it will be shipped upon arrival at our production facilities.
rde Connectors & Cables, Inc., warrants its merchandise to be free from any defect(s) in material,
assembly, title, or other. All orders are final; only defective goods may be returned. In the event of a
product defect, it may be returned to our current business address, provided the customer has secured an
RMA number from rde, and has displayed such on the outside of the package. The customer may call or
write to obtain an RMA number from our sales department prior to returning the product(s). All RMA
requests must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the merchandise.
Orders may only be cancelled within 1 business day after the date of placement.There will be no exceptions.
rde Connectors & Cables, Inc., reserves the right to change its Conditions of Sale without prior notice.