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Sheet 2: M-11-01

Information Sheets
Term Explanation
Interface The region where two systems or a major and a minor system
meet and interact with each other.
Interference Electrical or electromagnetic disturbance which introduce
undesirable responses into other electronic equipment.
Interrogate Pulse An electrical signal sent to a device for the purpose to determining
identity or status by causing the device to produce an appropriate
Ionization The formation of ions. Ions are produced when polar compounds
are dissolved in a solvent and when a liquid, gas, or solid is caused
to lose or gain electrons due to the passage of an electric current.
IPCEA Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association.
IR-Drop The designation of a voltage drop in terms of current and
Irradiation In insulations, the expose of the material to high energy emissions
to alter the molecular structure by crosslinking.
IRS Ignition Radiation Suppression.
ISA Instrument Society of America.
ISO International Standards Organization.
Jacket An outer covering, usually non-metallic, mainly used for protection
against the environment.