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Piercecon® Connectors Assembly Instructions
for the M8 style connector

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Disclaimer: rde Connectors & Cables, Inc., cannot be held liable for failure to follow these instructions properly or for accidents that may occur during assembly.


First, familiarize yourself with the parts. Some of them have fancy names.

assembly instructions image


Strip the jacket off to a comfortable working length (>= 1½") and identify the conductors.

assembly instructions image


Put the hood, the sealring, and the cage onto the cable, in that very order.

assembly instructions image


Feed the conductors through the appropriate elastomer clamp. The holes in the "white" clamp are a bit bigger (24-22 AWG) than the holes in the "black" clamp (26-25 AWG). Be sure to put the right colors into the right holes, according to your wiring diagram. Push the conductors through as far as possible. Now line up the protruding pin of the cage with the slot in the clamp and stick the two component together without pushing them all the way in.

assembly instructions image


Next, take the black plastic coupler with the triangle (stamped on it) pointing towards the cable, and turn the coupler over the cage and clamp assembly until its blind key engages with the assembly and slots together.

assembly instructions image

Now firmly push the clamp assembly until it stops at/near the end of the cage. Next, firmly tighten the hood in place.

assembly instructions image

Make sure you push the coupler as far as it will go to the end of the cage.

assembly instructions image

This is what it should look like.

assembly instructions image


Cut the conductors off flush. Then screw the connector body onto the black plastic coupler, making sure that the keying features of both the main body and the coupler are aligned; otherwise, it will not work.

assembly instructions image


Note: Since metal and plastic-threaded components are used, take care not to cross-thread the two. If you feel this happening, simply back off the metal components and try again.

For any questions or concerns regarding this, or for personal assembly assistance, please call us at (800) 511-7184.